Sad Prospects


In my previous post, I mentioned the low prospects of me getting a date. It’s not just pessimism.

I have found a partner in crime for going out. P is a former coworker who I had lost contact with during my lowest point in the separation, when I was very withdrawn and down all the time. We have rekindled our friendship through another former colleague who still works with her and has always been present.

We are the same age, have similar interests and love a good night out with a drink. We usually start our evening with a meal and good conversation, ranging from funny family stories to bitching about work. Then we go for drinks and fun

Sounds perfect so what’s wrong?

Starting the evening, as I make my way to our pub of choice, I noticed I’m invariably met by drunk (as in falling down drunk) middle aged men on the streets. It’s a weird sight at any time and especially at 7:30pm, the time we usually meet. Why are they so pissed already?

As we have our meal, the public changes. Suddenly we’re surrounded by young people. Not all have alcohol filled heads but most are young enough to be my child. P likes older guys and, while I don’t mind them younger, that’s just too far.

The question is ‘Where the hell are the people our age?’

I guess married, at home. Fuck! Is that so? Have I split up at the worst possible age?

We still go out and we still have a great time but this side is frustrating. I’m not even looking for a husband so it’s not like my standards are too high.

I need a break.

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  1. Probably lots of the single ones our age have paired off friends, so they’re at home on their own also wondering how hard it is to meet someone! Maybe when they do go out with their friends, they meet earlier as the friends with families may have agreed to be home in time for bedtime stories. Hence the falling down drunk at 7.30pm, which does them no favours whatsoever, as who’s going to be attracted by that?!

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      No one, really. Most definitely not me. I’ll keep having fun and maybe one day I’ll get lucky and hit the jackpot. 😉

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  2. Keeping my fingers crossed you meet someone special when you at least expect it. Sending love your way and missed you dearest.

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      Miss you too! I’m following your story and sending you all the energy I can muster. Hope you’re feeling better too.
      As for love, I’ll keep my eyes and heart open. That’s all I can do. xx

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      1. And a story it is isn’t it? Thank you so much. I have to do a better job to stay in touch, I have just been so overwhelmed and exhausted lately. But you are always in my thoughts and we are sisters for life. xoxo

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      2. DFMGhost says:

        You need to take care of yourself first. I always think of you too ❤️

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      3. Thank you kindly

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