Two Years…


This weekend marked the two year anniversary of when Barely Husband came back from his two week trip to spend the holidays with his family. When he came back, it was clear to me I had been happier without him.

It was also the last time we had sex. The last time I had sex. And it wasn’t even good. I was forcing myself to do it because he expected it. From then came our attempt at counselling and the realisation that the relationship could not be saved. Raven stayed back with me that year, went with him last year and stayed with me again this year.

He’s back again today and a lot has changed: we have grown respect for each other, we have a mature co-parenting relationship and we have both expressed wanting to date other people. We have talked openly about it and I even rebuffed his friends with benefits proposal.

I’m not sure he’ll take it as well as he says when I eventually date someone. I not so secretly hope he does it first. Not that I’m waiting for it but the prospects don’t seem good at the moment.

Anyway, two years is far too long to be alone. This dry spell needs to end.

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  1. Hard to believe it’s been this long already. Hugs

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      It has! It’s strange. So much has happened that it makes sense but time has flown by.

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      1. Sometimes not a bad thing, especially when times are tough.

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