The Pursuit of… Fitness???


I have documented here my struggle with my shape. I don’t really want to say weight as I was still a healthy BMI and whenever I mentioned dieting, someone would say ‘You don’t need that! You look great!”

The truth is, I had become very unhealthy, living on quick fixes and ready meals. This took a toll on my body. I was looking like an over-inflated balloon or a muffin (you know, when the top overflows the wrapper).

I didn’t really realise how bad it had got until I had a few pictures taken of me in a bikini. I was horrified by my figure and no amount of telling myself ‘I’m still a UK size 8, so I’m fine,’ would work. I had to do my best to get my health back on track.

My previous (half-arsed) attempts at running only caused painful injuries to my ankles and bacon and egg sandwiches for lunch every day aren’t healthy, even if you’ve used brown bread! I needed a new plan.

I changed my diet completely, went back to cooking every day and packing my lunch to take to work. I needed to tone up but I hate gyms, so I found an App with simple exercises I had to follow from the comfort of my home. I almost threw up after the first session that had taken only 15 minutes.

Raven joined me on the healthy eating because she does actually enjoy the food. That helped even more because I don’t have to cook two different meals, saving time.

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve been on it for four months. I can plank for a minute, I lost 9.5 Kg (that’s 1 stone 7 pounds or 21 pounds for the imperial people) and shrunk a massive 6 inches around my waist. Wow! I really was that bad…

Not only have I got my health back, I’ve also got a long lost feeling: confidence! I feel great and that shows. People notice and I have a few stories to share #soon.

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  1. congrats on being more healthy! It really takes a lot o effort and that is why I still haven’t done it!

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      I needed that picture to give me a kick on the backside. Once I started, it became easier and now I do it without thinking. I still have the odd dessert if I want to and have a few drinks. I’m not too strict as I consider this a change for life.

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  2. bone&silver says:

    Amazing achievements! Congratulations πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼😊

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      Thank you! It’s hard work but so worth it. However, I won’t try running again anytime soon πŸ˜‰

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  3. You look great too! 21 pounds is a lot! I am so happy you are feeling better.

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      It is a lot! When I think back to when I started, it seemed mission impossible.

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  4. This is so good I had people tell me the same things when I tell them about my fitness journey check out my fitness blog and see

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