Raven came back from France full of stories. She loved the trip, even the almost 24h coach ride.

I would have too, if I was a teenager, joined by twenty something other rowdy teenagers. Lol! She wants to go again next year!

Then my dad arrived on Saturday. I hadn’t seen him in eight years. It’s been good.

We spent two days in London being tourists. He had been before (20 years ago!) but didn’t remember much. It was all new for my step-mom.

He hasn’t approached the subject of my divorce but Raven and I have both been at ease talking about the current arrangements and the relationship with Barely Husband.

I had a deeper conversation with my step-mom. She has always been nice to me and respectful of my mom so I never had any reasons to be a mean bitch to her.

Hitting some London bars was cool but dad was an unintentional cockblock by striking a conversation with the hot barman I was chatting and flirting with. Thanks, dad! Hahaha!

Other opportunities will come.

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  1. Sadah says:

    Well written.

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