I have mentioned here before that when I am attracted to someone, I just am. I’m not bound by gender or sexual orientation.

There’s no reasoning behind it. Or is there?

Last time I wrote about it, it happened at London’s Anime Con and it was a younger woman. I had eyes for no one else that day, even if it was something I couldn’t pursue (she was taken).

On my birthday, at the Fake Festival, I saw this guy. The first thing I noticed about him was how he was caring for a young boy, his son, who had a nosebleed.

He was tall, strong, arms and legs covered in tattoos, still, his touch was gentle. He was quietly doing his dad duty in the middle of the crowd, not panicking and not complaining.

I watched him with increasing interest until they were done; until the boy was well and almost clean.

As they walked right past us, Raven said, “He’s hot!”

I smiled. “Yes,” I agreed.

He was a good looking man, there’s no doubt, and if I have a ‘type’, it would be him. However, what got me staring at him and partly wishing he was a single dad were his actions.

Unfortunately ‘wifey’ eventually showed up, not showing a single ounce of worry for the child. Bitch.

I confess I was a little jealous and kind of enraged. Who am I kidding? I was fucking pissed off!

It’s a scene I see far too often: the good guys are taken by the mad cows.

To bruise my poor heart even more, he took his sunglasses off and, for a second, my eyes locked with his beautiful, honey coloured pair.

Raven told me to knock it off. I told her I could look. There was no harm. I don’t know his name and I will probably never even see him again.

Besides, she should follow her own advice as the same happened to her. The boy she found most attractive was there with his girlfriend.

We spent the last couple of hours at the festival singing, dancing and making fun of each other.

It’s been a week and I’m still thinking of him. Will someone like him (and available) ever cross my path? Or are they really all taken by the bitches to balance the bad and good in the world?


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  1. Donnalee says:

    I have no idea if they’re all taken, but you can always hope and have fun with Raven and see what happens! I completely agree that people like, or find attractive, whoever they do, and to me there’s no need to make all kinds of definitions about orientation in some ways–everyone’s mileage may vary.

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      I’m having the best time with my daughter. Us making fun if each other in a lighthearted way was another form of it.
      I hope someone good crosses my path one day. I’ll carry on with my life and not wait, but live in the meantime. 😘

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      1. Donnalee says:

        Live in the meantime, and don’t stop even if you find someone good…! It’s great you get along with your daughter.

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      2. DFMGhost says:

        She is amazing! And yes, I’ll never stop living. 😊

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  2. Lanen says:

    The man I should have spent this life with is married. I messed up my chance and he married a selfish, emotionally manipative cow. He’ll never be free of her, and I’ll never get the chance to show him how much better I would be for him. It sucks. Hopefully there are more like him and your Honey eyes out there?

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      I’m sorry to hear that.
      I don’t know if Honey Eyes was meant for me (we never met) but he’s definitely one I would have given a chance. I hope he’s happy and I hope I can find the version of him that’s free. ❀️🀞🏼


  3. bone&silver says:

    You’re getting closer and closer all the time to the quality of person you want, whichever body they come wrapped in πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸŒˆ

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      I have a pretty clear idea. Finding that idea and that idea being free is another issue. I hope. 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼😘🌈

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  4. I have faith, they can’t all be taken. I trust your time is just around the corner. Xoxo miss you

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      Miss you too! I’ve been struggling to keep up and often read your posts days later but I think about you a lot. 😘

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      1. Same here. I thought coming to Germany and not working would give me all this free time. Pffft. It’s mental work I’m doing with Mom, building a relationship and helping her during this difficult time. Often my brain is fried and I struggle to but together quality posts, let alone answer comments or read others. I know it will change again and I’m grateful people haven’t abandoned me and understand. 😘

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      2. DFMGhost says:

        We would never abandon you. You write from your heart. That’s what your blog has always been about. I’m here and you’re still invited around if you can sneak a few days off. 😘😘

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      3. I know and likewise you are stuck with me.πŸ˜‰ thank you so much for the invitation, it would be so wonderful. I’m not sure how to swing it at the moment but I know we will meet some day. 😘😘😘

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