Big Changes


In my last post, I hinted at changes in the arrangements with Barely Husband regarding Raven. They were a possibility then but guess what? They will happen.

While he was waiting for the electrician to inspect the house, he received a call from a recruiter about a job where I live. An interview was arranged for the same day and he came back from it with a job offer. He had the weekend to think about it and he decided to accept it.

This means he will be moving back here and he would like to have Raven some days during the week. I don’t know exactly but we’re thinking 3 days with me, 3 with him and alternate weekends. Sort of.

The positive is that she will spend more weekends with me. And I won’t have to drive an hour to pick her up every week.

I wasn’t surprised that it happened. I had a ‘warning’. The spirit animals had been very quiet in their messages but about a week before it happened, a crow dashed across my path while I was driving to work. I swear he was staring at me. I checked the possible messages and one stood out.

I wished it was something else but my thoughts were immediately drawn to it.

I have some concerns about him living so close but I guess that would happen sooner or later.

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