Great Weekend


Last weekend I had my long awaited girly time. My friends (still the Wattpad group) came to mine on Friday. We had a big scare with the huge amount of snow (for UK standards, which is very little for many countries) falling since Wednesday, traffic going mental and trains being cancelled.

We spent 24 hours in a frenzy, following weather forecasts, re-planning and re-routing journeys. I ended up taking Friday afternoon off to do the pick-ups – I couldn’t concentrate on work anyway – and we all made it.

We had planned to attend an author signing event where barely husband lives. I felt he didn’t want to run the risk of meeting me out and about by chance and asked if he could stay at mine with Raven from Saturday. Good for me!

Unfortunately, one of us decided to return home on Saturday, afraid the continued snowfall in her hometown, now caused by storm Emma, would stop the trains when she had to make it to work on Monday.

The other three stayed as planned, went for happy-hour cocktails, got some take-away and were back in the hotel by 7pm. Very wild! Hahahaha!

These girls are 15 years my junior and I’m the party animal… imagine how mild they are! Still, I’m sure barely husband imagines drunken scenes and orgies. I can’t say I don’t have fun at his expense…

All I know is that I want to do it again!

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  1. Sounds fun for sure!

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      It was great! Four book lovers doing our geeky best. LOL!

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