And He Still Needs Me


Now that the house is sold, barely husband and I have both been looking for a place.

I know what I want, where I want it and I won’t be swayed.

He said I was aiming too high. I don’t think so. I am not settling for the bare minimum. I don’t want a crammed up space where I am going to be unhappy.

I have my own money, I can afford it and I want my daughter to be comfortable. I want space to have family and friends over without having to pile everyone on the floor.

Most of all, I don’t plan on moving again anytime soon. He’s already thinking about it.

He viewed a few properties and he set his heart on an apartment in a converted Georgian Mansion. Like him, I find the high ceiling and the period features enchanting but you can’t forget the issues that come with a Grade II listed building.

Leaky windows, uneven floors and the millions of rules and regulations you have to follow because you can’t change much.

He asked me to view it and give him and opinion. I went there this weekend. It is a stunning property but I had to draw his attention to the PVC floor in the kitchen and bathroom because the floor was far from level. I had to show his the thin plastic sheets sellotaped to the windows in a DIY attempt to stop the cold air draft. I had to point out that the ceiling may need some sort of restoration which will be costly.

And for someone who’s already thinking of moving, the location or style do not make it an easy sell.

That’s after I gave him a lesson on leasehold properties (almost all UK flats are leasehold) and the need to check the contract terms carefully to avoid groud or extortionate service charges.

Why do I do that? Because I don’t want him to screw up. That would affect Raven and I would hate that.

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  1. You are a far better soon to be ex than he deserves. Do as much as you want or feel, without allowing him to put upon you. He needs to start accepting that he doesn’t get to keep his personal assistant service after the divorce. If he wanted that, he could have been a better husband. And he wasn’t. So excited that you get to start looking for your new place and getting the fuck on with your life! This makes me so happy my dear!!!!!

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      I’m happy. He’s been asking kindly and he’s actually listening. It makes it less annoying to help. He has his good moments. He is not all bad and that’s why I married him. I want to have a good relationship with him for Raven’s sake. If he acts like an adult, it makes it easy.
      And moving on is everything!

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  2. Calling Time says:

    My ex husband is the same, can’t do anything without my help, I think it’s his way to keep me attached to him and while the children are dependants I’ll need to keep involving myself for their sake. It’s going to be a very gradual severing of ties.

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      I know mine really doesn’t know how to do these things. I was always the one to deal with it all. I hope he learns because I won’t be his secretary forever.

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