9 Days


I had a good day again. I slept fine, ate well and didn’t drink.

I had one glass too many last night and instigated another wild conversation with my friends. Somehow, one of them ended up suggesting that I have a threesome with a gay couple who lives close to my house. 

I’ll spare you of the details but said friend is a smut writer and she went all in on the creative there. 

It was an amusing convo but I’m not looking for any threesomes. I like exclusivity. 

I spent the rest of my day writing. It took me all afternoon to write a 1500 word chapter for my current Wattpad story. I wasn’t happy with how one of the characters was coming across and kept changing it. 

I also managed to video chat with Raven for the first time since she left. The in-laws have stone age internet and I didn’t want her to kill her mobile data. Today they went to a beach hotel to wait for the New Year. Good WiFi, finally! 

She’s having a good time too. Hopefully they will avoid family drama completely. Knock on wood! 

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