17 Becomes 16


I write this as I lie in bed next to Raven. Nothing drastic happened but I gained another evening with her.

Barely husband decided to go out with friends and she would be alone. I decided to be with her.

He had been trying to get me to come to his and spend the night here tonight for a couple of weeks. He said he “might” have a work Xmas do which “could be” last week (no problem, as she was already with me) or this week.

Nothing came from work and he said on Wednesday that he wouldn’t be out. I dropped her here last night and all was set.

He texted this morning, asking me to bring him a package that was going to be delivered to my house today. Why he couldn’t have it delivered to his work address is a mystery. He gets to work in less than 10 minutes walking. I live an hour drive away.

He was all, “It’s OK if you can’t. It’s my mom’s present but I’ll get her something else.”

I texted Raven and asked if she wanted me to come. I would for her only, not for him. She said I didn’t have to. 

I was released from work early and, a little before 5pm, right after doing my neighbour civil duties of exchanging cards and gifts, I get a text from Raven asking me to come because ‘dad is going out.’

Good thing I packed last night. I got my things in the car and came. No second thought.

I went to town with her, we did a little shopping and had sushi for dinner. Now we’re together and I have no idea where barely husband is. I don’t care. 

I should be pissed off but I’m not. I’m past it. Instead, I’ll enjoy the extra time with my daughter. 

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