7 Days, 7 Photos Challenge – Day 6

Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.”

I was challenged by Rhapsody Bohème.

I challenge all! 😉

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  1. fattytomend says:

    Powerful photo

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      One day, when things got really bad, I was out in the garden playing with my ring. I started taking pictures with my phone, imagining the relationship going down the hole. It represented everything going through my mind then.


  2. Always felt that this picture was very powerful and spoke a thousand words in utter silence. A life as you knew it, lingers on the brink of darkness, close to the abyss and falling into a deep black hole. I’m glad you are ok these days and you are claiming your life back. Xo

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      I was absent mindedly playing with the ring when the image came. I took many pictures. It represented me, where I was, still am to an extent. 💖💙

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      1. I know and I can sense that about the image. Hugs 💙

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