Yesterday, as I walked my dog, I was faced with the most amazing orange sky. I immediately took my phone out and started taking pictures. I quickly realised I wasn’t alone.

The ‘red sun’ phenomenon has been all over UK news. Some people have even associated it with the apocalypse and the end of the world. Its causes are not so dooming but they are not pleasing either.

The unusual colour was caused by light reflecting on dust particles blown over from the Sahara by hurricane Ophelia. There are suggestions that debris from the forest fires in Portugal have also contributed.

Hurricane Ophelia bashed the Republic of Ireland and the West coast of England, causing destruction and claiming lives.

Even destruction brings beauty, but we can’t be distracted by the pink tinge on the trees and forget the causes of these: climate change, ignorant leaders, people in denial.


These are dangerous and strange times. It’s not ‘normal,’ as mentioned by my friend and fellow blogger bone&silver. We can’t accept this craziness as normal.


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  1. A powerful message and totally agreed

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      It’s easy to ignore everything when you’re not directly affected. I see the beauty but I try to recognise the dangers. 😘

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      1. I’m right with you 😘

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  2. bone&silver says:

    Thanks for the shout out… I do wish we were both feeling more cheerful, and that the world’s “normal” was more relaxed, kind, and equal 🙏🏼❤ xx

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      We wish and we’ll fight for it, I’m sure. Right now we have to realise what’s going on and act on it. We’re both doing it. 💙💖

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