Writing To Reach You

Many moons ago, I heard a song called ‘Writing To Reach You‘ for the first time. It’s by Scottish band Travis.

This song has always been amongst my favourites but it’s been stuck in my head lately. I have been thinking a lot about the lyrics and they have taken a different, more powerful meaning.

The chorus says:

Because my inside is outside

My right side is on the left side

‘Cause I’m writing to reach you now,

but I might never reach you

I want to teach you about you

But that’s not you

When I reached my lowest and everything felt wrong – my inside is outside, my right side is on the left side – all I wanted to do was write; write to whoever would be ‘listening,’ be it this very blog, with all my unfiltered thoughts, or my fantasy world on Wattpad. 

Cause I’m writing to reach you’, it goes. Yes, my hope was to reach people’s hearts, imagination, share hard learned lessons and beautiful dreams. 

I have made friends on both sides. The true friends see the real me. I’m not perfect. I don’t want to be because perfection is tiring. I want to enjoy life. I want to be me. 

I am pansexual. I am an aspiring author. I am a mother. I am a loyal friend. I am fun. I am very sexual. I have a dirty mouth and even dirtier thoughts. I have desires. I care. I’m always willing to help. I’m not very patient. I have lows. I am sometimes strong, sometimes fragile. Sometimes I need a hug. I like to give hugs, especially when I feel someone needs one. And I do notice people’s feelings. 

So that is all me. And more. I have exposed myself. My soul is bare, naked to anyone who reads my work. 

Many know my true identity. I don’t hide it, I’m not embarrassed by who I am. I just don’t want the blog to be found by the wrong people. 

I’m writing to reach you, always from the bottom of my heart.

I think what if that special someone is reading? What if they fall in love with my words? They will have seen my worst already so there won’t be anything to hide. I don’t want to hide.

But then I might never reach you. That’s a possibility. Luck, timing, stars aligning? What does it take to meet someone special? For them to fall in love with your thoughts without even seing you. It would be powerful, for sure. 

And some might not care. They may hear me but I might never reach them, their hearts, their souls. 

I want to teach you about you. Sometimes I may be too eager to share, but what happened to me is not everyone’s truth. I will refrain from deep advice sometimes.

But that’s not you. A lot of people fake who they are, hide behind social media accounts with no names and no faces. I’ve encountered a few but they are quickly forgotten. The truth is more precious and, when found, brings lasting relationships (I don’t mean only couple loving).

The last chorus adds ‘You know it’s true, but that won’t do. AND YOU KNOW IT’S YOU I’M TALKING TO.’

It’s the realisation. If it’s not real, it’s not enough. You know I’m talking to you. What you take from this is entirely up to you. 

Still, I’m Writing To Reach You.

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  1. You are sincere, not afraid to be yourself and you don’t compromise the real you in order to please others or be accepted. You are human, flawed like all of us and because of that and realizing it, you are perfect in every way. I have always treasured our connection and I do always get you my special friend.

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      Thank you! You have been extremely important to me in this journey. πŸ’™πŸ’–

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awe what a sweet thing to say, thank you and you should know that the feeling is mutual. πŸ’™ xo

        Liked by 1 person

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