The Crow and The Butterfly

Since my wonderful friend Rhapsody Bohème started writing about Spirit Animals and the messages they bring, I have started paying more attention to what’s going on around me.

I’m a firm believer that the energy of the universe can be sensed and interpreted, that it can guide you through life. I don’t think the future is set in stone. If it hasn’t happened, it can still change.

Over the past week, I had two special visitors. The first one was a crow. I don’t usually have crows around my house. There are plenty of pigeons, magpies and blackbirds, even robins, flying around, but not crows. That’s why this black beauty, perched on a high tree in the field next to my house caught my attention.

First time it simply stayed there, observing, while other birds flew round and about. I wondered if it had anything to tell me but you can’t just spot an animal and think it means something, so I left it.

The following day, as I was walking my dog on the aforementioned field, the crow was back, exactly on the same spot. As I passed the tree, it called. I stopped, looked up but decided to move on. As I started to walk away, it called again. I decided to walk back and pay attention to it. My crow started cawing nonstop. She was talking to me. I said I hear you. She stared down at me for a while, cawed again then flew away to another tree down a side road, where it met another crow.

The Crow is a symbol of ancient wisdom. It beckons you to use your ‘second sight’, the sixth sense. Nothing escapes the keen eye of the Crow and, when she calls, we have an instant flash of our authentic self – the Crow sees your soul-self. It echoes deep within the body as we try to remember the language that she speaks.

Crow is calling to us, that the time of change is here, the time of change is now. To let go of the old self, let go of all things holding you back… to step into your authentic power.

I know I need change and I have been trying. I am not content with how my life is right now and I have been gradually working on improving it.

A lot of the Crow symbolism is associated with omens, including death omen. For this reason, the Crow has been feared for a long time. In my research, I learned that it brings many different messages, not only death. Where it was perched, how it called you and its behaviour should all be part of the interpretation.

The crow asked me to use my instincts. I am trying to let go of fear and let my true self shine. I need to believe in myself and I need to move on and away, just like my Crow did. I will know the time to act, just like my runes also told me. I will feel it.

Then came the Butterfly…

To be continued…

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  1. I know nothing whatsoever about spirit animals but it sounds so interesting. I can’t wait to hear about the butterfly.

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      I find them fascinating. In my friend’s blog, she explains her whole journey of discovery. It’s worth a read if you like these spiritual findings.

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  2. Awe, this is so wonderful and makes me so happy my sweet fiend. It truly is amazing what can be learned if we are open to the signs. You know my feel on this and that I believe there is energy all around us at all times.
    Your journey has been one of pain, growths, but also new beginnings. The little friends encountered along the way are guides and reassurance that you are on the right path and I couldn’t be prouder of how you embrace these guiding messages.
    I have much catching up to do, also to comments and thank you for your friendship, support and love. Have a great day dear. Xo

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      Thank you for opening my eyes! I believe in the energy too. This is another way of interpreting its messages.
      Yesterday the spiders were back. I guess I dropped the ball a bit and they came back to remind me.

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      1. Of course and so happy you are aware of these little guides. Hugs 🦋

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