This weekend, my first Wattpad story, Make Love Your Goal, reached 14K reads.  I’m already publishing chapter 10 of my second story, See You Again, but because MLYG is so personal and special to me, I had to revisit the characters and write a special chapter. I named it Six Years Later and allowed myself to be as mushy and sugary as I possibly could.

I gave the protagonists, Lucy and Scott, the relationship I wish I had. My daughter once asked me if I didn’t think their relationship was too perfect. I know that, even though they didn’t start it the right way and it took them a while to figure out what they were feeling, once they did, they were perfect for each other.

The way they navigate the pitfalls of life – together – and fight prejudice from all sides (straight and gay) because of their bisexuality, is the main drive. The messages I received, from people who have suffered just like them, praising me for how I portray this duality have been overwhelming and it means a lot that something so personal can touch people’s hearts like that.


Back to the relationship, they are open, honest, supportive and understanding. Plus they love one another deeply and love sex. Aren’t these basic requirements? For me, they are. As I said before, I’m not willing to compromise anymore.

I worry that I have created a goal that’s unattainable, that a relationship like theirs is not possible. Am I dreaming? Am I aiming too high?

Raven and I talked about this at length. I am aware mundane day to day life after the conflict dies down is not part of my book. I know there will always be differences of opinion, but these need to be talked about and sorted. Arguments will likely happen but as long as there’s respect, a good compromise can be reached.

“Mom, you will find the Scott to your Lucy,” she finally told me.

If little miss practicality thinks so, I stand a chance!

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  1. Congrats! So happy for you! 🌈❤️😍

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      Thank you! 😘

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  2. bone&silver says:

    That is AMAZING, I had no idea! Well done. I need to read it ASAP; my bisexual lovers have often been my favourites- there’s some kind of freedom they bring which I relished, and my current ‘girlfriend’ also brings a whole lot of ‘man’ with her, so I’m very happy… you WILL definitely get what you seek eventually xO G

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      This is the story that started everything. I was so low and I couldn’t stop imagining and developing a plot with characters I had created years ago. I decided to write. Pen and paper until my daughter showed me Wattpad.
      You are right about the freedom that a well resolved bisexual brings. That’s the freedom I’m chasing for myself and writing about it has been releasing.
      It’s not perfect and I want to rewrite some of it (improve it, not change it).
      I will find my special someone. I don’t know when, where or how, but I believe it.
      Thank you! 💖💙

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