I am feeling much better. After my retail therapy and getting rid of some of the bad energy, my mood has drastically improved and I’m back to my happy mamma times.

I have to keep reminding myself I need patience. When I had my Tarot reading a few months ago, I was told everything there would happen over a period of three years, including finding my true love. It’s unrealistic that only four months later I am expecting to have my life sorted.

I am not a patient person, you probably guessed. Not at all. That affects my mood because things seem to slow down to a crawl and there’s nothing I can do to speed them up.

I realised then I hadn’t done a full Rune reading since December. I love Norse mythology. If you’ve seen my Tattoo (pic can be found here), that’s clear. I’ve been using the Runes as symbols drawn for healing and protection, for example, but not a full reading.

Well, it basically reinforced everything from the Tarot reading. One of the central forces in my present is Isa. I usually hate this rune, exactly because it asks for patience. Isa is an unstoppable force, like a glacier, however it’s extremely slow moving. It is my reality. Things have slowed down and I need patience to wait. Patience is a virtue and a thaw will eventually come.

Isa primarily represents a period of rest before activity, but do not let yourself get into a rut. Do not take anyone for granted. Be not afraid to show your feelings. Crossing water will be beneficial. Things appear to be at a standstill and this is not a time to try to force movement. Patience and wisdom are called for. This is not the time to abandon goals, but an opportunity to reaffirm them. This is a time for contemplation and preparation, not despondency or regrets. Things will change as surely as winter changes to spring and then summer.

Isa is a very distressing Rune to get when talking about matters of the heart, but I want this to be right. I liked seeing this Rune this time around and it made me smile. It meant that the Universe hasn’t abandoned me and my time will come, which was reinforced by the rest of the reading.

The Runes also told me the pace will eventually pick up and then things will move very quickly. When this time comes, I need to be prepared to act like a hunter: watch the events unfold and decide when it’s time to act. They told me it’s instinctive and I don’t need to worry about missing the opportunity. I will know.



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  1. Patience, that lesson I still learn daily.
    have also recently felt that things should be better by now feeling and the frustration it leaves you with. All anyone can do is keep going

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      I know the frustration well, however, it was comforting to know it is slow now but feel deeply that the change will come anyway. My mood improved greatly and I feel ready to keep going again.


      1. Fantastic to hear

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  2. I also used to cast runes to gain a greater understanding. I also have the rune ansus or oss on my left arm, for the next 8 days at least

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      I usually have Algiz, for healing and protection. It is linked to the Valkyries, which make a big part of my tattoo. I’ve also used Fehu. It can represent a new beginning.


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