I have been making an effort to help my mom and consequently have stronger bond with her. This is important for both of us as I think will be extremely helpful in the long run.

She came to Raven’s drama school performance on Saturday (which she totally rocked, by the way). It was an eye opening time for her, seeing how barely husband acts around me. She was shocked by his sullen appearance. She says she thinks he’s depressed.

When Raven left with him for his place, I invited mom out. She picked a place she likes and off we went. We talked a lot over our meal (and beer) and had fun. It was good.

After going home, we had a few more drinks (Italian Grappa for her, Brazilian Cachaça for me). Before we knew it, it was past midnight and we were laughing uncontrollably, gossiping and recalling old stories. I went to bed feeling lighter.

Her mood has been mostly good. She has some down moments when she cries out of the blue. I’m working to spot patterns and find out when I need to comfort her and when I need to just leave her alone.

It is hard work but I truly believe it will be for the better. We need each other and we need each other well.

Yesterday she has finally showed signs of understanding some of the limitations I will face regarding access to Raven. She’s still not happy – I am not happy either – but at least she promised to lower the pressure on me.

It is welcome progress!

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