Symbolic Fire


I had this little box I kept with mementos from my wedding day. It was full of cards, notes and the little cushion used to carry our rings.

It’s not like I opened it and looked at the contents many times over the years. It was just there, to maybe be opened while celebrating an important anniversary.

Well, that anniversary is not going to happen anymore, so I decided it was time to get rid of it.

I set our little garden wood burner alight and, one by one, dropped each and every single item in it, watching it slowly burn and, with every bit of smoke released, I felt readier and readier to move on.

I wouldn’t burn important things, like our wedding pictures or, heaven forbid, my wedding dress. I am not trying to erase my past or pretend it never happened. I’m just trying to free myself from the things that don’t matter. I don’t think barely husband even knows that box existed and that’s a clue.

It’s gone and I’m a step closer to freedom.

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  1. You go my beautiful friend. I know the feeling. Liberating, freeing and empowering towards the future. Xo

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      It was a moment to meditate while watching the fire. It was good.

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  2. I have a satin box with all the cards from my wedding, still sitting in the closet. I don’t know what I will do with it. But I’m not ready for anything yet. I am glad that you were able to gain strength from this purging.

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      I needed it. It was a strange but very releasing feeling. The cards looked like they were new still.

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