Money, Money, Money

I woke up yesterday to an email from barely husband making a speech about money. Even though we kept our accounts separate throughout our marriage, it was always reason for fighting. It still is, it seems. 

That was one of the things my tarot reading mentioned, that he would try to hurt me financially.

He made it very difficult for me to get my half of our shared investment account but he has to suck it now. I got it and he has made his own life more difficult if he follows through with the plan of moving back to his home country. 

You see, the money was there and, because he plans on going back, I wanted him to give me my share with the money from the house sale here and he could keep everything there.

I’m sure he wanted me to fail and ask for his help. Sorry, not happening. 

There are things I know I am letting go just to keep him away from me and to avoid conflict. It’s a choice I make, like buying some peace. 

He tries to come off as the knight in shining armour who rescued me from financial difficulties twice when I was made redundant by companies the closed down (my luck).

I called him out on it. I used my redundancy pay to keep my share of the payments for most of the time and the money he says he gave me was just paying me back for his share of the bills I had already paid. I couldn’t buy cheap knickers with the money he gave me then. That came from my savings, which went down very quickly to nothing during that time.  

I told him he’s not the devil but he’s not the hero he tries to make himself to be. 

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  1. So, I am confused. Is he arguing he should have to pay you less from the house? Or is this just some sort of weird “he wants acknowledgement thing?” Totally sounds like something Anderson would do, if he had ever, ever actually contributed even somewhat equally to our lives…

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      It’s the he wants acknowledgement for everything he did for me. Plus he doesn’t want to make things easier for me. He ended up complicating his life and I won’t be there to sort it.


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