Raven’s Birthday

It is Raven’s birthday today and yesterday we had a lovely party for her and friends. They are a very fun group of kids. I usually keep them fed and they entertain themselves. 

Still, it is always a lot of work, from shopping to getting the house ready, baking the cake/cupcakes to making fresh pizza, popcorn and serving it all and, of course, cleaning up afterwards. Barely husband was active in this for the first time. In previous years, he would hide in the bedroom, coming out only to sing happy birthday. 

He realised how tiring it was. He had planned to take her to his right after the party but he ended up staying here instead – in the guest bedroom, in case you’re wondering. He wanted to have lunch with her today. 

I’m still saying no to any romantic advances from him and, trust me, he is trying! The sexual innuendo was at an all time high. I laughed because it ends up being quite funny. 

We talked more. I told him the things I want to do, tattoo included. He doesn’t seem too impressed with the tattoo itself but he’s impressed with all the decisions I’m suddenly making. Well, I don’t fear the criticism anymore so I’m doing as I please.  

It was a very good weekend and I’m happy for Raven. She is happy and that’s the most important thing. 

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