I was excited at the start of the day as I would meet with my possible tattoo artist. I dropped Raven at Drama School and drove there. Not even a SatNav mishap that took me to the street of same name in the wrong village could curb my enthusiasm. 

Tattoo artists are artists and they can be moody about their work and style; about what they like to ‘print’ on you. It’s their name and their expression in the end and I could only hope he would like the idea I had crafted in my mind, my imagined design, as I can’t draw to save my life! 

And boy, did he love it! It turns out that, like me, he is a big fan of Norse mythology and at the mention of ‘Valkyrie’ his eyes lit up. After I said Midgard Serpent, he asked me what they represented. We discussed meanings and what I wanted from them.

He got me. He understood what I wanted but was concerned for space to make it a coherent design with one on each shoulder blade. That’s when I told him that I actually want a full back design and the smile that he gave me showed that was the perfect scenario.

He said he wants to add lots of details, while making my Valkyrie and Serpent the focal points. He mentioned Ravens among other things, which immediately brought a smile to my face. He will come up with a design and call me back. 

I was beaming! When I picked Raven up, she told me that’s how she likes to see me: happy, smiling, looking forward. I hadn’t even realised how giddy I was until she said it. 

Doing things for myself have made me very happy lately. Simple things bring joy back. 

Suddenly I was again the five year old who told her mother, to her utter horror, that she wanted a tattoo. A real one, not the stickers that covered her arms. 

Fingers crossed! 

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  1. Childlike abandon…i love it

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    1. DFMGhost says:


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