A Good Weekend

I write this as I sit at a Café, with a mishmash of food and drinks. It’s what I felt like having. 

I didn’t get out of bed until past noon. When the house is quiet, the dog sleeps and lets me be. This was a massive no-no for barely husband and now I make a point of doing it every Sunday.

I’m don’t sleep all morning but I just live staying in bed, reading my messages or doing whatever. I wish I would sleep and have nice dreams but that’s another story. 

Friday evening was a big success. I took my guys to a Cantonese restaurant I always talk about and we had a blast over the Dim Sum menu, ordering EVERYTHING that was different, from tripe to chicken feet, century egg to whelks. 

We talked and laughed and soon my mood was much better than it had been all day. Raven came with me and she fit right in. She has this ability to feel at ease everywhere, even when surrounded by strangers. She does take it from me. 

Saturday I prepared the house for the first viewing. It went well but you never know. I avoided barely husband’s attempts to get me to have lunch with him and Raven. The viewing helped me as I would be rushing but I would have said no anyway. 

Keeping up with my bucket list, I reconnected with two friends. One is a uni friend. She sent me a message to wish me a late happy birthday and I pursued a conversation. It turns out her and her partner have also split. She’s now a single mom of two small children and trying to adapt. It’s strange how these things happen but I’m glad they do. 

The other friend is an old work friend. She was my rock when barely husband and I had our first rough patch. She saw me ugly cry many times and despair over the prospect of a break up. We are living an ocean apart and I haven’t seen her in almost five years. 

I have had her on my mind for a while but I hadn’t been ready to talk about my impending divorce. I felt ready and sent her a message. She replied with extreme happiness. She had lost her phone and, with it, all her contacts, mine included. 

When I told her about our split, her words to me were: ‘I don’t even think I’m sorry, you know. You are a lovely person and deserves so much more. There, I said it! 🙈🙈🙈’ 

We moved on to a video chat and it was as if time had never passed between us. I feel great! 

The day ended with my annual guilty pleasure: watching the Eurovision song contest with a bottle of wine. A glass is never enough. I usually watch it with Raven. She was watching and, all through it, we exchanged messages. 

All in all, a good weekend and I hope to have more of them. 

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