I have a week alone ahead of me. Well, I have the dog, which is not mine and that I never wanted to start with. *Sigh*

Because I was off last week I made the decision to give myself a proper resting holiday and sent the dog off to the kennel. It is a very nice kennel and he is very comfortable and very well cared for. It’s not cheap either. All moans of ‘poor dog’ towards me were immediately met with a death stare and a quick “If you’re sorry for him, take him.” 

I know full well barely husband can’t take the dog. He’s in rented accommodation and UK usual tenancy agreements forbid any pets. He would like to take our pooch – if you can call a 34Kg monster that – but he’s not allowed. I really wish he could. 

Anyway, I digress yet again. Raven is still off on Easter holidays and she’s gone to her dad’s for the week. I appreciate the silence. I miss her but I’m allowed to enjoy a little bit of guilt free peace. She wouldn’t criticise me for it. 

Last night was a very prolific night in terms of writing. Not for the blog, sadly for you. For Wattpad.

I decided I didn’t like chapters 1 and 2 of my book. Mind you, I’m already on chapter 64! Oh, well! I went back and rewrote it and now I feel renewed. I’m writing the last few chapters of my story and there’s a feeling of mission accomplished. At the same time, I’m sad. 

My characters have become an extension of me, my friends; we share experiences and love. I will have to let them go eventually but I’m struggling. 

For now, I’ll enjoy my peace – minus dog snores and grunts – and write these characters the best I can. 

MAKE LOVE YOUR GOAL on Wattpad – completely free! 

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