It’s been an eventful weekend and our quest for family balance through the separation continues. 

Barely husband wanted to take me out. He insisted a lot and I ended up agreeing after making clear yet again this did not mean we are any closer to getting back together. He said he was fine and just wanted good company on a fun night out.

Raven stayed at his going through her collection of K-Pop related videos and was still at it by the time we returned. 

We did have fun. We talked and laughed and had a couple of moments where the conversation went deep. He asked me not to measure words and to definitely not lie to him. 

We discussed things like his struggle to accept my sexuality. He said that if he had understood it correctly when I told him I’m bisexual back when we were dating, he probably wouldn’t have married me. He also sees why I never opened up to my family about it and why I keep my distance as they would struggle more than he does now. 

He ended up taking me to an LGBTQ bar to close the night. It was a nice place and I was happy in it. He wouldn’t have dared go anywhere like that a while ago, before we started our discussions. It’s good that he feels fine going there and accepts it, at least a little more. Not because of me but for Raven’s benefit when she eventually decides to tell him. 

The experience was positive and we had our Easter lunch together again. I again told him I have no intention of leading him on. My feelings are unchanged but I hope we can remain friends. 

He said he has given himself four months to win me back. If he sees there’s no change, he’ll make a conscious decision to move on. 

As a friend, I truly hope he finds what he’s looking for. I hope he finds happiness. 

For now, it’s HAPPY EASTER! 

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  1. Happy Easter xoxoxo

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      Happy Easter! 🐰🐇

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  2. Some people can’t except difference. They aren’t open to anything that is even slightly different from their point of view. I think we just need to accept it and move on from them.
    I wish you Happy Easter (a little bit late, sorry… 🙂 ) Lots of love

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      I know and I decided to move on. There are things that have definitely improved and I believe I’m on the right path.
      Happy Easter too!

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