No, I am not dating again but it’s something that crosses my mind from time to time.

It was used as a threat of sorts by barely husband, as he tried to make me jealous. He said loud and clear that he would go out and have fun with the intention of meeting someone else because he’s always wanted a family and he was going to have one.

He said he couldn’t be alone whereas I am content with being alone. I enjoy my ‘ME’ days very much. I like the silence I get then.

As it turns out, barely husband has been going out but he doesn’t feel like pursuing anyone. He wants our divorce to be final; he wants it to be set in stone and know 100% there’s no way back for us. His words, not mine.

As for me, I do like the quiet days but I know this won’t last forever. One day I will want to go out, have fun and hopefully meet someone I’d like to share everything with; I will want to have amazing sex and let that person know all about me.

I’m afraid I will be picky. I wish to be picky and not settle for anything or anyone less than what I think I deserve.

If that doesn’t happen, I will still enjoy my silent days. No half-arsed relationship is better than peace of mind and peace of heart.

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