Barely husband voiced it loud and clear that he still hopes we will get back together. I had to tell him I don’t think we could ever make it work. We want completely different things. 

He cried three times while we were talking. Because we were having a good time, the three of us, he thinks this means hope for us two, not that we are mature enough to spend time together for our daughter. 

He doesn’t see the difference between me liking him and me loving and desiring him. I certainly don’t have any romantic feelings towards him left.

He is a good person but we are not good together. We’re only getting on now because we are living separate lives, doing whatever we want. I know the fights would return immediately if we were ever to try again as one of us would have to compromise on something that makes us happy. 

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  1. And the fights will start either way once he realizes that you won’t get back together, I’m afraid. I would Imagine he will need a moment to work through his hopes being crushed. It’s such a long painful process and I hope he can move on like you have already.


    1. DFMGhost says:

      Maybe he’ll have an outburst and then calm back down. That’s what’s happened to him lately. I am being honest in saying that it’s a ‘no’ for me but he wants us to be friends and see how things go. I told him we are being friends and there’s nothing more I can do than I’m already doing. He still holds on to hope, even if I tell him how it is. Maybe one day I will have to crush him. I don’t want that.

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      1. I know and hopefully you won’t have to.

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