I know my February playlist is coming in very late. The problem is, I couldn’t decide if I was going to do a Valentines Playlist or a dark playlist “as black as my soul”, to make it really cheesy.

I’m not in the mood for Valentines day. Barely husband did send me a valentines Bitmoji this morning. Bitmoji is his latest attempt to get into my world but I digress…

So mushy, mushy, pretty, pretty, love, love starts here:

1. Lara Fabian – Love By Grace – One of the best vocalists I know. Not as famous as some of her counterparts but she’s got chops!

2. Sugababes – Too Lost in You – Of all the ever changing line-ups for this group, this has always been the best.

3. Faith Hill – Breathe – The first of my country ladies.

4. Blue – If You Come Back – Mushy boyband pop! Why the hell not?

5. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud – Love this man!

6. Dolly Parton – I Will Always Love You – Some people may think this is a Whitney Houston song. Whitney screams in a desperate cry but Dolly’s original is filled with a quiet pain that touches my heart.

7. Martina McBride – How Far – Another of my beautiful Country ladies.

8. Bangles – Eternal Flame – Need some 80s magic!

9. Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Suck Without You – This girl is special and we need some uptempo.

10. Daughtry – Breakdown – Because if I don’t add some rock, I’ll be depressed! It is a love song, I promise!

Hope you enjoy it!


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  1. You know I’m always a fan of your music playlist.xoxoxo ❤️

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    1. DFMGhost says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it and I have some more randomness prepared for next month.

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      1. Looking forward to it 😉

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