It’s a new year and the first playlist of 2017 will bring something different. I have decided to go international! None of the songs listed is in English. At least not the original versions. They still mean a lot to me and, once again, will show my eclectic taste.

1. Caruso – Lucio Dalla (Italy) – One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard

2. Pour Que Tu M’Aimes Encore – Celine Dion (Canada) – I’m not cheating! This is very early Celine Dion, sung in French.

3. Papaoutai – Stromae (Belgium) – I love the beat and especially the lyrics

4. Oceano – Djavan (Brazil) – I was still a child when I first heard this song. When it reaches the chorus, it’s the most beautiful ocean tide.

5. 99 Luftballons – Nena (Germany) – I grew up listening to this.

6. Blood, Sweat and Tears – BTS (South Korea) – Best of K-POP! Why not?

7. Angel – Jon Secada (Cuba) – He was raised in America and there’s a well known English version of this song but it’s the original in Spanish that brings the raw emotion to me.

8. Pick Me Up – Perfume (Japan) – Love me some J-POP! The song title is in English but it’s mostly sung in Japanese.

9. L’Uomo Col Megafono – Daniele Silvestri (Italy) – I know I have Italy twice but I really couldn’t choose between these two songs. An Italian friend introduced me to this song in 1996. I never forgot it.

10. Voyage voyage – Desireless (France) – Another one I grew up listening to.

Hope you enjoy my randomness!

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  1. Always love your randomness as it always directs me to new music. Thank you ❤️. Xoxo

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    1. MLYGhost says:

      I love my randomness too! Thank you for appreciating it 💛

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      1. For sure do 😉

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  2. Love the post! Love the diversity and the different nationalities of the artists! I love “Salirò” by Daniele Silvestri. It’s one of the songs from my childhood

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    1. MLYGhost says:

      Thank you! I thought you might recognise a couple of them. 😊😊😊 I love Salirò but L’Uomo col Megafono left a mark on me upon first listen. I was in Milan, at this friend’s house and he wanted to show me some good Italian music and he put his Daniele Silvestri album on. My Italian is mediocre at best but I understood enough and the ‘parlava, parlava, parlava’ and the words he shouts on the megafone struck a chord with me, enough to make me search for it on YouTube a few years ago after so many years never having heard it again.

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      1. Wow! It’s aweseome! I’m not a huge fan of italian music but I have another recommendation: listen to Elio e le storie tese, in particular their song “La Canzone Mononota”… They are completely crazy but their music is so clever. ❤

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      2. MLYGhost says:

        Thank you! I will definitely check it out!

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  3. Raven Black says:


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    1. Raven Black says:


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      1. MLYGhost says:



      2. Raven Black says:


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      3. MLYGhost says:

        You’re a funny thing! 😂😂😂


    2. MLYGhost says:

      Speaking Korean now?

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