2017 STARTS…

I wish I could say 2017 started with a bang and the New Year changed my life. We all knew that would never happen but I can wish…

Barely husband is still away. He’s actually on his way back and already annoying the hell out of me. It was almost 10pm when he called last night asking for help. He cocked up his tickets and his flight would arrive in Paris at 1pm when the flight to the UK would have already left at 10am.

Why am I not surprised? He hasn’t booked any holidays for the past 15 years. To do all the boring research and bookings has always been my job and any minor mishaps (long wait between flights or hotel not up to standards) were my fault.

Not this one. He did it all by himself and he came to me quickly for help. It almost turned into my job to fix it as, according to him, he was stuck in traffic on a motorway with bad data reception. Nice that he hadn’t noticed it until then.

It started with changing the flight to a later one and he couldn’t even give me the correct reservation code *insert eyeroll*. I started with the easiest and cheapest option to change it to the same flight the following day. It’s a budget flight to a small airport, so it’s once daily. When I’m about to finalise it, he thinks about hotel costs and asks me to change to a larger airport, slightly further away from our house, so he could arrive the same day.

I choose the cheapest one and he worries it’s too close to the time the first one lands and asks me to add insurance in case he misses it. When the option is not offered, he asks to change again to the later flight. I duly inform him it’s more expensive but he tells me to proceed. I do the whole process again and inform the total cost. He thinks it’s too much and wants to change again.

That’s when my texts start getting snappy. “Seriously? Are you taking the piss?”

He calls to say he’s the one who should be stressed. No, you brought this on yourself! Now you’re stressing me! We go back to the first option. He’ll need to sort out an extra day of holiday at work. Obviously he’s already said he’s not admitting he made a dog’s dinner of it. He’s blaming a ‘delayed flight’. At least he’s not blaming me!

As the final blow, he says: ‘See? This shows how much I need you!’ No, honey! You need a fucking secretary!

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  1. Why does this sound all too familiar to me lol. I know it wasn’t funny at the moment and I relate to many instances like this myself.

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    1. MLYGhost says:

      I get the humour 😉 I’m already laughing at it and everything else that happened wrong in that trip.

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