During our doomed holiday, when barely husband and I had a really bad argument – the second of the really horrible ones in our sequence – we went to a Spanish shopping centre and entered this shop I had never heard of. Raven and I were immediately drawn to the t-shirts.

They were different. They were still basic Ts but there was either a sense of fun or a message that struck a chord with me. Barely husband doesn’t like my style of jeans and t shirt, unless the t-shirt is from a brand like Armani or Tommy Hilfiger clearly advertised on it. Needless to say he’s not keen on my Anime range that I love. 

This picture shows one of my purchases there and he absolutely hates it. He says it’s not straight, which is absolutely the point of it! Now I make a point of wearing it as much as possible.

The other most important one is the t-shirt I used as post image: NO REGRETS.

My daughter and I both fell in love with it. We both picked it up. We both still love it months afterwards. I try not to go out looking like twins but our souls do talk to each other.

I wore mine yesterday. She wore hers today. We both intend to live by it. 

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