Sex, sex, sex


I like sex. Hell knows my life would be a lot easier now if I had no physical needs, if I could say that I lost my libido. 

Barely husband proposed the ‘friends with benefits’ thing. Hypocritical, I know, as he wasn’t happy when I confessed me sleeping with him had become just physical. 

He’s been persistent. Not in a bad way but persistent nonetheless. He’s been funny, making jokes about it and even buying  me a ‘love massager’ that I find works better for my back than what he intended it for. 

He argued that we both have the needs and we don’t want to sleep around. He said he wouldn’t mix it up and think things are fine. They clearly aren’t. 

I decided to try it. We did it. And,  as I expected, it was just sex. No feelings. There isn’t a connection anymore. At least not for me. 

It was good. Not great. It would never be great without the feelings. I realise that. But I didn’t feel bad or guilty about it like I used to when he didn’t know where I stood. 

I’m not sure I’ll carry on with this arrangement. It is not fulfilling, even if I don’t feel bad about it. 

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  1. Time will answer all questions and while this arrangement may satisfy the sexual need, I know you are left empty afterwards and eventually you might not be able to go through it again because the pain of it will be too great. Hugs Xoxoxoxo ❤️

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    1. MLYGhost says:

      I know that. I’m questioning right now. There’s no guilt but do I really want the feeling if casual sex? Not really…

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  2. I know just what you mean about no connection during sex, though I had lost my libido until Rob got in touch.


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