First of all, I would like to apologise to my followers for my erratic posting schedule. Then I’d like to apologise to my fellow bloggers for my very delayed reads and comments. I know you will all say it’s not a problem but maybe the apology is for my peace of mind as I really don’t like to fall behind on my ‘duties.’

Right now not even my ‘minimum necessary sleep’ policy is giving me enough hours to cope, with me often falling asleep with a tablet on my face halfway through typing a comment.


My Wattpad life has been very busy indeed: I currently have over 20 books in my ‘following updates’ reading list and another 9 books in my ‘Will read (I promise!)’ list; I am proofreading 3 books for some lovely young writers whose first language is not English and I have been asked to give overall feedback on another; people have contacted me asking for help with the dreadful writer’s block and advice on how to write dialogue, because it seems I’m good at it.

With all these requests you’d think I am an acclaimed super-popular writer (I am definitely not). My sweet book is going strong, slowly earning reads and likes. This week it reached 4K reads, most of them from people who are truly following the story, even if silently. I say this because you may have heard from the vote for vote schemes, which I refuse to take part in. I do read for reads, though, as long as I’m allowed to give an honest opinion and only vote if I wish to.


I said before my favourite present from my readers is not the votes: it’s the comments. I have readers who don’t vote for any work because they don’t agree with the principle and the schemes but they are very happy to leave lots of comments. From the comments you start a conversation and get a feeling of what people really think of your story and I have a whopping 4.2K  comments (already over 4.3K at the time of writing this). Having more comments than reads is unusual.

I love all this and something very special happened last week: a 16 year-old girl who’s been following me and my book for a while contacted me. We’d had a few quick exchanges in the past but this time it became a 3 hour full on conversation. She told me about her parents overprotection and that her mom didn’t really approve of her being on Wattpad; I told her about my relationship with my daughter and our appreciation of each other’s work.

She told me her parents were fine but there were some subjects that were off limits. I felt she was unsure how to proceed so I asked “Like what?” Her answer did not surprise me: “My sexuality.”

It all dawned on me. Here is a young girl, struggling with acceptance from her family, wishing to talk to someone and get some support. There is a chapter in my book called ‘Coming Out’ which I’m sure resonated with her because it’s very similar to her real story.

We talked and talked and talked, just like I do with my Raven, and she was very grateful for it. She has now become one of my ‘Wattpad daughters’ – there are a few of them – and we’ve kept regular contact since.

Yesterday I received and incredibly happy message from her telling me she had been brave enough to start an actual relationship with this girl she’d been online dating only for a while. I could read her happiness with each word. She was bursting with joy! Later on, her now girlfriend contacted me with the following message:

“Hi. I’m gonna be straight forward. I’m dating your Wattpad daughter.”

It definitely put a smile on my face that they would feel I am important enough to be included in their lives like that. After a few words she thanked me for my support. Again, I felt it.

I always said if I could help a single person through writing this book, I would feel like my mission was accomplished. Guess what? It has happened but I’m only getting started!





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  1. That’s incredibly sweet!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MLYGhost says:

      It is and it made me extremely happy! ❤️


  2. Wow this is so amazing and I felt all warm and fuzzy about reading this as if I could feel your happiness thought your own words. My life is crazy as well right now and I miss writing on a regular basis. You remain such a great inspiration to me and you have made a difference for me as well. I have much to learn about wattpad or how to even personally contact somebody lol. Some big changes are lying ahead of me but I know everything will fall into place.
    Congratulations on all of your success, I am beyond happy and proud of you. ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. MLYGhost says:

    Thank you once again for your kind words. I hardly see myself as inspiration buy I’ll take it. ❤️
    It was a special moment and I was very happy to help someone. That’s the point of all this after all. 😊
    Wattpad is good because every tool you need is there. You can write, read, post in line comments marking specific parts of the story and of course those can be conversation starters. You can also post public messages on the user profiles and there’s a private messaging system too. You’ll be very welcome when you decide to join. 😊
    I let the blog down this week but I’m feeling exhausted and had a little breakdown today. I’m better now but it’s hard…


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