This Friday a terrible thing of enormous proportions happened: I cracked my phone screen! Sorry if I scared you or misled you with my first sentence (it’s a joke, relax!), but my point is that our lives nowadays are so interlinked with technology that when something like this happens, it really is like the end of the world to a lot of people.

I admit I was sad and my reaction was normal: I had a laughing fit! I was at work installing some new equipment with its supplier rep. We both left our phones next to each other on the workbench. A cable slipped from his hand, flew past his phone and hit mine like a football (soccer 😏) player hits a ball on a penalty shoot-out! My phone flew from the bench and landed screen flat on the floor. There was no slow motion scene, no trying to catch it: one second it was safely on the bench, next second it was lying there, like a body waiting to be recovered.

As I recovered the phone, I didn’t think of it’s price value, how much I’d have to spend to have it replaced or fixed straight away. All I could think was ‘How the hell am I going to keep up with WordPress and Wattpad without it?’ I use a computer or my tablet (with attached keyboard) to write the blog posts or book chapters, but the phone is my main tool for reviewing before I post and especially for replying to comments, private messages and sneaking a couple of reads during work hours (shame on me! I’m guilty!).

My blog and my book have taken over my spare time, meaning all the time I can spare, and I feel much happier than I was before I started both. It’s not just the writing and expressing my feelings in a very open and candid way: it’s what I get in return from people I have never met in person, be it someone who relates to my struggles having gone through something similar, someone who faces the issues I write about in my book or a (just turned) 13 year old very talented writer who wants to chat and get some advice. These are people I might never have had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ in a world not linked by the internet.

In this lonely un-technological version of the world, my blog might have been a padlocked diary, destined to be hidden under a bed, never to be read by anyone but me. As I’m no Anne Frank, I doubt the tales of my marriage failure would draw any interest if they were just words on a piece of paper. It’s the contact with the person behind the writing that makes it so special to people. The fact that you can read, leave a comment to a complete stranger and get a sweet reply that thanks you; the fact that you can find someone who becomes your friend when they are an ocean apart from you is something so amazingly special that I don’t have words to describe it.

It’s a small world after all indeed!

P.S.: The phone is alive. The crack is bad but could have been a lot worse.

Soundtrack: Big Big World – Emilia

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  1. You know I am your biggest fan my dear and for the first time I might slightly have to disagree with you. In a good way and in a non challenging way but first the part I agree with. I know it helps to have a personal touch behind the story, being able to leave comments, which for me are there to recognize and encourage the writer, YOU. But they are not the main reason as to why I follow your blog. I’m grateful for our interaction and having run across you but don’t ever discredit your talents because your blog is amazing and you write from the heart. There are others that relate, interaction behind it or not. You are awesome and your writing is captivating. Your book will never end up under the bed with nobody reading it, you know that, so keep going.
    I have to admit that when I ready your blog or a few others close to my heart, I wonder sometimes about my own as well and we often become our worst critic. Is somebody just extending me a courtesy like or have I truly managed to inspire and touch that someone in some way??? It’s all part of the journey, we write for ourselves in the hope to touch others.
    You are doing fantastic my dear, keep going. πŸ˜‰

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    1. MLYGhost says:

      It’s OK to disagree 😊
      I am not discrediting my writing. It has to be at least decent or people wouldn’t be able to understand, let alone relate to it.
      I just feel that if there wasn’t this interactive element it wouldn’t feel the same. It’s bringing people together in a healing process in a way that impersonal writing fragments wouldn’t.
      I think a book is a different thing: there’s a story that grips you, you fall in love with the characters and you live their pain and their happiness. But maybe it’s just me who thinks the shards of myself are not as interesting and thank you for thinking otherwise.
      I have decided I am not going to stop writing. EVER! I have already got so much from it that I could never turn my back on it.

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      1. That is great and I hope you didn’t take my comment in a way it was not intended to come across. I knew what you meant and while I do agree, I also wanted you to know how amazing I think your writing is and that it’s success in my opinion does not hinge on the need of having to interact. And yet we all do and I feel it is part of the process, the journey and the appreciation we feel for the people that take the time to read and relate to our story. Xoxoxo.

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      2. MLYGhost says:

        Don’t worry! I understand completely and I am in no way offended or upset about it. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
        Thank you as usual for your kind words!

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      3. ❀️

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  2. fattytomend says:

    I was running to my flat on the fifth floor to feed my cat before work and my phone slide out of my pocket. I watched it fall as if it happened in slow motion. Paused. Then continued to go feed my cat

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    1. MLYGhost says:

      It’s happened to all of us. Sometimes we’re lucky and get away with just a tiny scratch like it happened to me before. This time, when it wasn’t really my doing, tragedy struck! Hahaha! I tried to get it fixed but people are trying to charge me almost as much as the phone is worth. Oh well!
      Thank you for sharing your story!


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