I have always enjoyed creating stories in my head as if I was a serious book writer or a movie scriptwriter. Sometimes they are sequels to books or movies I like, sometimes parallel stories and even a few originals. I would delve into this new dimension, adding as much detail as possible, giving my characters full personalities and depth.

These had never been put on paper, until now. I say paper because I did actually start with pen and paper, but, thankfully, my daughter introduced me to Wattpad and Quotev, where I have started posting under my alias MLYGhost. I could use one of my many fake names, Sarah for instance (who incidentally is one of my favourite characters), but I didn’t want to be known by that name. Since I change it every week, it would have been pointless, anyway.

My stories have a recurring theme: there is always a love story driving the plot. There is a fair bit of sex too (of the fantastic kind). I don’t like making it graphic, porn style, but I like to make it very sensual. The stories are about sexually active adults who are in control of their bodies, so why not? Definitely no virgin teenagers there as virgin sex is rarely good, people! REAL WORLD CALLING!!!

I have been thinking about this a lot and the reasons behind it. A therapist might say the stories are a projection of myself and how I’d like my life to be. I wouldn’t be able to argue with that, I have to admit. I put a lot of myself in the characters. Not just one: I spread the love around, but there will be a ton of references you could link to my life or my real friends.

Writing makes me happy. I like to read the chapters of my stories over and over again, changing things around, sometimes completely rewriting scenes, until I am 100% satisfied.

I just wish changing my life was that easy!

Wattpad – https://www.wattpad.com/user/MLYGhost

Soundtrack: Halsey – Control

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  1. And again I relate my sister 😉

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