How I met your Father – re-written

  I decided I didn’t like the original post I wrote, so this has been completely re-written. I apologise to the people who read the first version as I think it was quite bad… Second time lucky?

  My daughter once asked me how her dad and I got together. I wish I could have told her it was love at first sight; that he was the most wonderful man I had even seen and we loved each other more than anything. The reality is I turned to her and said “It’s a really boring story!”.

  We met at work and he was pleasant, but nothing about him drew my attention. I lie: he was wearing a horrible avocado colour shirt. I absolutely hated it and, as I later found out, he loved it. He only got rid of it after we got married and I have to say it wasn’t my influence. I still found it a fashion abomination, but I never said a word unlike him about my choices. The avocado had gone out of date and was fraying around the cuffs and neck.

  Another clear problem with him is that he was already taken, making me immediately draw an imaginary giant red X over his head. Also, even though he was nice to me, he wasn’t very liked around work. People found him arrogant, which I can’t deny. Maybe he was nice to me because he considered little Isabelle (fake name, got it?) of the same social status. Don’t take me wrong, he didn’t treat people badly, but he had this air of superiority that put people off.

  But I found out he was also very intelligent, funny and driven, all qualities I did like. To make it clear, I did find it out because we used to talk a lot after work (we didn’t get paid overtime in case you’re wondering) but nothing was going on. Girlfriend was gone and he was back in the market, but she still hovered around him like a vulture over a carcass. My red X was still very much in place and I ran from him outside work as if he was the devil. I heard he was picking girls left, right and centre, maybe to annoy his ex and I really didn’t need that in my life. I didn’t need a psychopathic ex-girlfriend either!

  It took him 3 months to persuade me to go on a date with him and even that wasn’t straight forward. One evening we went out with a group of work friends to celebrate a successful audit at our company. There was a lot of drinking – which I love – and dancing – which I hate. When a particularly unpleasant sequence of songs (to my ears – rock/alternative chick, remember?) started, I said my goodbyes and decided to go home. He followed me and tried to get me to stay longer. He held my hand and started this stupid dance to the song he knew I hated the most. I laughed. He took his chance and kissed me. By then there wasn’t much reason to run away anymore. He called me the following day and we went out again. I just made sure it was to a place that played music I like.

  He crept up on me. Apart from a quick break-up that I’m going to talk about in my next post, things always progressed towards a stable relationship for us. It was never mad love at first sight, so I can’t blame where we are now on passion fever. Sadly!

Soundtrack: Pentatonix – Can’t Sleep Love

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  1. OMG sounds like my story

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    1. MLYGhost says:

      😱 And I’m sure we’re not alone!

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