Hello! My name is Lisa and my marriage has failed. There are a lot of feelings that come with this realisation: sadness, anger, frustration, regret… that’s the toughest one. Especially after 15 years together you can’t just regret everything. There have been lots of good moments , we have a beautiful daughter and the sex was great until it wasn’t. That was the last straw. Or was it?

  The fact is: I am still married!!! I haven’t gone through a bitter divorce, I haven’t had to fight for custody of our daughter and dog, I haven’t had to leave our family home. We are still together. Barely, but together. So, by now you probably guessed my name is not really Lisa. I’m even thinking about calling myself a different name in every post. Why not? The rest of the story is very much real though.

  My barely husband always complained about my obsessions. Not crazy ones, but I do have them. Like when I decided to read Harry Potter. I didn’t stop until I had read all 7 books. Then there’s music I won’t stop listening to the same album/band/compilation over and over again – usually something he doesn’t really like, as he is the poppiest person you’ll ever meet and I very much like most genres of music but especially rock and alternative. So with my latest obsession came the desire to write. I started with a fan-fiction that just took over my imagination.  No, not this one, but I already have 20 odd pages of it and hope to publish it one day. It already turns me on and I haven’t even got to any sex scenes! It is my escape from the real world, just in my head, for one or two hours a day.

  BUT in another inspiring moment, I thought about a blog. Failed marriage blog. Damn! That sounds depressing. Becoming a YouTuber and Vloging is not a possibility either (daughter is YouTube mad and would definitely find out about it and I have no intention of embarrassing her). Then I realised I could write a lighthearted story about me and what I’m going through. I really don’t mean it to be bitter, even though sometimes I feel down in the dumps.I’m hoping I can, somehow, make this personable enough, but keeping myself anonymous. Ha! I got my work cut out for me!
Hope you are patient too as I don’t have 20 pages of this (yet). I only had this idea today and decided to just write. Good luck to me!

Soundtrack: Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness


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  1. I can relate with so much of what you wrote here and find myself in similar circumstances. Best of luck to us.

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    1. MLYGhost says:

      Best of luck to us indeed! I can’ t say it’s been easy but I see light at the end of the tunnel. xx

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      1. I can be overwhelming to deal with the entire situation and it is hard to break it into section as the start causes a snowball effect. But you already know that and again, best of luck to us.

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